Date: Friday, May 12, 2017

For the purpose of finalizing the ChArGED gamification concepts design, an anonymized questionnaire was prepared by AUEB, TPL, ED and was circulated to pilot site users and other partner employees to quickly validate the prevailing design concepts. The questionnaire included 3 Different Concepts (“Tree”, “Fitness”, “Iceberg”), 2 Visuals per Concept (Emotional & Informative) and included a presentation of 3 the concepts and questions on attitudes and intentions towards participating in the ChArGED gamified app, to assess the engagement potential of each concept. Based on the assessment of the questionnaire replies, the “Tree” concept was considered as the overall favorite, followed by the "Iceberg" concept and having last in preferences the "Graph" Concept.  Stay tuned for the first version!

ChArGED gamification concepts design