Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The ChArGED project was presented by the ELTRUN E-Business Research Center in the context of a specialized workshop held at the Athens Innovation Festival 2017.

The Athens Innovation Festival 2017 was a three-day festival of innovation held in Athens, Greece on 20th -22nd November 2017. The festival was a celebration of the Greek innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem where startups, research organizations, universities and administration bodies alongside with the industry presented innovative solutions and best practices. 

In the context of the festival a number of specialized workshops where conducted and major EU research activities were presented to a large audience. Additionally in a dedicated stand, participants had the opportunity to interact with the ChArGED project partners and learn more regarding the ChArGED solution and its potential benefits. Furthermore the gamified application of ChArGED was showcased to interested third partners and organizations. 

Charged at AIF 2017